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3P Services

You might wonder how 3P services I offer differ from traditional presentation and consulting services to which you may be accustomed. The immediate and obvious differences are:

  • I am not a “trainer,” an “expert” or a “lecturer.” My work is to be a “facilitator,” to (from the root meaning of the word) make it easy for people to quiet their minds and experience their own insights and get in touch with their own innate health and resiliency.
  • When people have completed an event or an individual experience, they walk away remembering what THEY saw for themselves, not what I said or did. The service is not meant to bring attention to me, but to draw out life-changing wisdom in the clients.
  • Every interaction is created out of rapport in the moment, responsive to the client’s feeling state and level of understanding; the experience always feels fresh. There are no “canned” materials or workbooks.

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