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3P Professional Mentoring

(Not a 3P professional? I offer coaching services, too.)

What is a mentor? According to the dictionary, a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor and teacher. In Three Principles work, a mentor is an experienced facilitator who can share in mutual growth and deepening of understanding.

I have been fortunate in nearly 30 years of involvement in Principles work to have been in mentoring relationships with so many fantastic practitioners who have contributed enormously to my learning and ultimately have become friends and colleagues.

I first came in contact with the Principles through Dr. Bill Pettit, who sent me off to classes offered by Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle, Sandra Krot and Reese Coppage, Christine Heath and Joe Bailey. From there, I spent several years as both mentee and associate at Pransky & Associates, with George and Linda Pransky, Keith Blevens, Dicken Bettinger, Mark Howard, and many others who came together to participate in numerous programs. I spent time with Roger Mills and many of his colleagues in California. And, most important to my profound appreciation of the significance of the Principles and the ways in which they offered promise for global elevation in Consciousness and a healthier, happier world, I spent many hours over nearly 20 years with Sydney Banks. I am privileged to be Certified by Mr. Banks as a Practitioner of the Three Principles. The patience, generosity, and faith in health exemplified by all the many mentors I have been exposed to over the years were inspirational.

Now, as so many people all around the world are becoming engaged with the Principles, I sense that those of us whom some of the newcomers call “elders” should be putting the same love and energy into mentoring that others offered to us. It feels like the demand is growing for opportunities for the expanding Principles community to make connections with people who have been fortunate enough to work directly with Mr. Banks and to have been mentored by the original practitioners in this remarkable work.

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