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Workshops, Seminars & Retreats

Find Your Natural Peace of Mind

Plan a relaxing, inspiring retreat that will provide your group with a meaningful, sustainable understanding of how to live, work and succeed, meeting challenges and embracing opportunities, without stress and distress. You will truly find your natural peace of mind, and see how to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. These seminars are designed for groups from 5 to 30.

For recent and upcoming workshops, seminars & retreats, please see the 3P Events page.

A sample illustration from an event handout

A sample event handout illustration. Click to see full size.

Sample Materials

On the upper right is a selection of materials from a recent retreat, indicating the core ideas that are discussed. Each retreat is unique, and planning for each is done with the group involved. These materials simply offer a snapshot of some of the ideas that are always discussed at every retreat. Each retreat is developed and presented in the form most helpful to the particular group. To arrange for a discussion of a seminar or retreat for your group, please contact me.


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